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Macula Regeneration™

Macular Degeneration affects one in 7 Americans over age 50, more than 25% over 65, and one out of 3 after age 75...

Even though the condition didn't exist before the industrial food revolution in about 1880, an epidemic began to rise in the 1930s, with 11 million Americans affected today, and that number may triple by 2050.

Medical textbooks state that Macular Degeneration is the leading cause of irreversible blindness in our culture today...

That is because there is no drug or surgery approved to heal the lost vision, and recovery is essentially unheard of...

The first cases of blindness from Macular Degeneration that I helped to restore to functional vision were also being tracked by Harvard trained retinologists...

Those ophthalmological specialists in retinal disease said that they had never seen nor heard of this kind of healing before.

Bleeding stopped without laser surgery and its attendant damage, scarring, and vision loss...

Drusen deposits behind the retina began to dissolve, reducing visual distortion...

Even scar tissue left over from previous bleeding was going away...

And visual acuity improved from worse than 20/200, which is the standard for legal blindness, to 20/70 or better, which can qualify for driving in some states.

I have been helping people achieve Macula Regeneration™ with natural remedies and therapies for 39 years now, with both wet and dry ARMD as well as other macular health challenges like macular holes, macular edema, and epiretinal membranes...

The case study illustrated here shows rapid healing of Macular Edema in a 3 month period on our Accelerated Self Healing program...

The bottom set of images shows a cross section of the retina in which you can see the reduction of fluid underneath the macula in just 3 months with our system...

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Cross Section of the Macula Lutea:

Cross Section of Macular Edema:

Healing Macular Edema:


Dry Macular Degeneration is the most common type of AMD.

It typically precedes the more destructive wet type, so if you can stop or even reverse the damage at this early stage, that is ideal...

A stitch in time...

The images here show first an increase of lipofuscin deposition prior to using our Macular Wellness formulas, followed by an obvious decrease of deposits in the macula in just one month with our Functional Formulations™.

This man was 93 years old at the time of this healing.

He was taking a top professional quality Macular health supplement while the deposition was still increasing...

What makes such a difference?

Our Functional Formulations™ are cleaner (excipient free), more concentrated, and more comprehensive...

In another case, an 86 year old man taking MacuGuard (from Life Extension) lost his driver's license due to decreased visual acuity. 

A Biofield Analysis™ identified 6 Functional Formulations™ that were essential to produce a state of Biofield Coherence™: Macular Wellness Lutein, Safranal, and Zeaxanthin (taken at different meals each day), Glutathione Syntropy, Microbiome, and Neuro+ Eye Drops.

With this one month Accelerated Self Healing™ program, he was able to pass the driver's vision test and regain his driver's license

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Wet AMD is more complicated than the Dry form.

The Macular Wellness and Drusen Dissolve Functional Formulations™ are still essential, but additional remedies are needed as well, with individual attention to remedy selection being even more crucial than in the more stable, less progressive Dry AMD.

Our experience over the last 40 years has been that clients with Wet AMD have been able to first reduce the frequency of eye injections and eventually eliminate the need for them altogether when continuing a regular program of monthly Biofield Analysis™ to design an updated program of Accelerated Self Healing™.

We have worked with clients who were already legally blind when they started implementing our methods, and they have been able to restore enough functional vision to pass a driver's test. Their retinologists have stated in writing that this was achieved despite their choice to forgo recommended laser cauterization of leaking blood vessels (a choice based on the understanding that the laser necessarily does further damage to the retina).

Multiple Harvard-trained retinal specialists observed tissue healing in the retina that they said they had never seen before, and had not seen described in the medical literature.

Not only did drusen deposits decrease and blood vessels stop leaking, but retinal scar tissue decreased as well.

Reversing degenerative changes in any tissue, including brain tissue, as the retina is according to its embryological origin, becomes possible and even inevitable, when the body field is sustained in a state of Biofield Coherence™

That is the state in which the body's innate intelligence can express its full healing potential to reverse a year of damage, deposition, and degeneration in a single month.

We have formulated over 150 Functional Formulations™ to meet the unique individual needs of our clients over the years, extending over a very wide range of symptoms and conditions. 

Examples of remedies that are typically essential at certain phases in the healing of Wet AMD typically include AngiogenX for a full spectrum of pure and potent botanical and nutritional anti-angioneogenesis support, and Clear the Way as a central pillar of the Scar Reduction Protocol in our self-healing approach to Clinical Praxis™.

Scar tissue often contributes to progressive damage since it contracts over time, producing further strain and tissue damage especially to weak neovascular blood vessel networks.

True healing involves listening to and correctly decoding the body's subtle calls for help so that the missing materials essential to complete designated healing priorities can be accomplished. Beyond the conventional essentials such as amino and fatty acids, vitamins and minerals in their most bioavailable and physiologically active or coenzyme forms are the 'longevity vitamins' and phytonutrients essential for the maintenance of health and function such as the carotenoids.

The modern human suffers from chronic nature deficiency. And this deficiency extends beyond the materialist's ken of ordinary matter to realm of spirit matter that makes up the sentient immortal spirit body, the full spectrum of physiologically active energies, the information content of those carrier waves, and the conscious and subconscious meaning derived therefrom. These are among the essential dimensions of healing in its full potential, which in my experience, can only be limited by our lack of knowledge and our failure to explore.

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Healing the Macula at Age 93:

After years of deterioration on AREDS2 and other more conventional nutritional supplements, drusen largely resorbed in 15 months on a higher priced broad spectrum botanical/nutritional regimen, restoring 20/20 visual acuity in each eye as well as distortion-free Amsler Grids. The full case report entitled "Regressing Dry Macular Degeneration" by Dr. Michelle Valella is available on request.

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